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AQUACLEAR® Chlorine Neutralizer Sodium Thiosulphate
Code: AquaClear  Chlorine Neutralizer
Series: Balancers
Spec: 99%
Color: White Crystal
Model: Chlorine Neutralizer

AQUACLEAR® Chlorine Neutralizer

Sodium Thiosulphate

1. Type: Sodium thiosulfate
2. Molecular formula: Na2S2O2 .5H 2O
3. Molecular weight: 248.17

4.Properties :monoclinic crystal, Melting point : 40 -45oC , Relative density :1.729( 17 oC   ).
5.Application:used in fixers, plating, leather, reductant, dechlorinating agent, sulfur dyeing agent, as a blush preventive agent, and as a disinfectant. and decolor agent

6.Package:0.5kg,1kg, 2kg/doy bag; 1kg,2kg,5kg,10kg,25kg,50kg/Plastic Drum; 25kg, 50kg/ bags





colorless crystal granular



Water Insoluble matter








Water solution reaction

in accordance with the test

AQUACLEAR® Chlorine Neutralizer for swimming pool use


Instantly reduce chlorine levels with chlorine neutralizer so that you never have to worry about red, itchy eyes or dry skin and hair again. While chlorine provides an important service to your pool as a sanitizer, chlorine levels can sometimes become uncomfortably high thereby seriously compromising your swimming experience. With a pool chlorine neutralizer, chlorine levels in your pool are stabilized and the harsh chemical smells that are associated with high chlorine concentration are reduced or eliminated.

When chlorine concentration becomes too high, use this chemical to reduce chlorine immediately.

Granular. Sodium Thiosulfate.

Initial Dosage: 2 oz. per 10,000 gallons will lower chlorine level 1 ppm.

These inexpensive chlorine neutralizers work so well they bring your water to clarity and make it crystal clear. Follow instructions for the best possible results. Typically, chlorine neutralizer for swimming pools contains sodium thiosulfate which acts to quickly lower chlorine concentrations. Nothing turns swimmers away faster than the strong chemical effects that are caused by chlorine. Certainly, we’ve all had a swimming experience ruined by an over-chlorinated pool. At AQUACLEAR, our swimming pool chlorine neutralizer is affordable but highly effective. Using our chlorine neutralizer you will immediately neutralize the excess chlorine in your pool to create a more comfortable swimming environment.

Pool chlorine neutralizers are inexpensive yet highly effective. You can store chlorine neutralizer for swimming pools and bring it out as you need it. Whenever you feel your chlorine levels are too high, just follow the chlorine neutralizer instructions and return your pool water to its pristine condition.

What is the active chemical in the neutralizer?

This active chemical is sodium thiosulfate.

Can I use this with bromine?

Yes, you can use the Chlorine Neutralizer with chlorine or bromine.

When should I use the Chlorine Neutralizer?

You should use the Neutralizer when the chlorine concentration becomes too high, this chemical will reduce chlorine immediately.

How much of the Chlorine Neutralizer should I add to my pool? -

You should add 6 oz. per 10,000


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