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Caustic Soda Flakes / Pearls / Solid 99% NaOH Sodium hydroxide
Series: Basic Chemicals
Spec: 99%
Material: Flakes
Color: While Flakes/Pearl

Caustic Soda Flakes /Pearls /Solid 99%

Classification:      Caustic Soda

CAS No.:                1310-73-2

Other Names:       Sodium hydroxide

MF:                           NaOH

EINECS No.:          215-185-5

Place of Origin:     China

Grade Standard:    Industrial Grade

Purity:                     99%min

Appearance:          White Flakes

Application:           Industry use or raising the Alkalinity level of the pool

Model Number:      Flakes 99%

Product name:       Sodium hydroxide

Appearance:          White Flakes

HS Code:                2815110000

Color:                      White Flakes

Packing:                  25 Kg/bag

PH:                           14 (100g/l

Brand:                      AquaClear®

Speciication Sheet

NameFormulaUN NOCAS NO

Caustic Soda Flakes 99%           

   (First Class)


Test ItemStandardTest Result
NaOH %≥ 99.099.12
Na2CO3 %≤ 0.40.30
NaCl %≤ 0.020.01
Fe2O3 %≤ 0.0040.00

Industry grade:
(1)It is basic chemical raw materials and can be used as high-purity reagents and widely used in chemical, metallurgy, paper, petroleum, textile and household chemicals and other sectors.
(2)It can be used in the production of paper and cellulose pulp
(3) it can also be used in the production of soaps, synthetic fatty acid and the refining of synthetic detergents.
(4)In cotton textile industry, it can be used as de-sizing agent, scouring agent and mercerizing agent. In the field of chemical industry,

(5) it can be used for the production of borax, sodium cyanide, formic acid, oxalic acid, phenol and the like. In the field of petroleum industry, it can be used to refine petroleum products and applied to the mud drilling in oil field

Food grade:In the food industry, food-grade product can be used as an acid neutralizer, and can also be used as the peeling agents, bleaching agents, and deodorant of citrus and peaches.

Electron Grade:It can also be used in the production of the surface treatment agent of aluminum oxide, metal zinc and metal copper and glass, enamel, leather, pharmaceuticals, dyes and pesticides
It can be used as analysis reagents, saponification agent, and the absorbent of a small amount of carbon dioxide and as well as used for manufacturing of sodium.

25kg per plastic knit bag;
24mt-27mt per 20’container

Keep containers dry, never add water to this product.
Keep away from incompatibles such as oxidazing agents, reducing agents, metals, acids, alkalis, mositure.

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