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How to use Aluminium Sulphate to Floc a pool

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How to use Aluminium Sulphate to Floc a pool

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Aluminum Sulfate, commonly called"Alum", has been used for years as a water clarifier. Its use continues to this day in water treatment facilities, as a flocculant to clear turbid water, and remove phosphates, pathogens and other undesirable particles.

“Floccing” a swimming pool with aluminum sulfate was a popular way to clear extremely cloudy or swampy pools, up until the creation of polymer pool clarifiers. Whatever the cause, bottles of alum have been absent from pool store shelves (including our own), for over 30 years.

Alum Floc has been making a quiet comeback however, as a quick way to turn around neglected or abandoned pools, without having to drain the water in the pool. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are not supposed to be drained fully, the liner can relax, or a fiberglass shell can buckle or shift. And for areas with water restrictions, many pool owners are prohibited from refilling pools from the garden hose, and forced to pay for expensive water delivery.


Aluminum Sulphate is a double salt with a strong positive charge. Particulate matter in solution have negative charges. Over the period of several hours, the alum molecule attracts suspended particles. Eventually it grows to a large size and heavy weight, until it slowly sinks to the pool floor. It works best with well balanced pool water, and in water temperatures of at least 70° F. The tricky part of using alum is that the aluminum hydroxide precipitate must be vacuumed to waste the following day. Alum is considered a flocculant, because it sinks material to the floor – as opposed to clarifiers, which enlarge particles only slightly, for trapping within your pool filter.


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Skim, vacuum and brush the pool to remove large debris.

Balance pool pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Chlorine and Cyanuric acid levels.

Broadcast 4 lbs of Alum over the pool surface, per 10,000 gallons.

Put Multiport valve on Recirculate and run pump for 2 hrs; Brush pool.

Turn pump off for 12-24 hours, or until the Alum settles to the pool floor.

Place Multiport valve on Waste, and vacuum to waste, the settled Alum.

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