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How to use Aluminium Sulphate to Floc a poolAluminum Sulfate, commonly called"Alum", has been used for years as a water ...
What Is Trichlor or TCCA?Trichlor—or“Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione”if you’re feeling adventurous—is a type of chlorine that...
At AquaClear, we strive for Clear, Safe, and Healthy Water for our clients and local communities. Based on our values of...
What is Non-Chlorine Shock and how it works?AquaClear® Non-Chlorine Shock Potassium Monopersulfate is a biocide product,...
What is AquaClear® Calcium hypochlorite and how it works?AquaClear® Calcium hypochlorite is white or light grey in colou...
Can we swim in a green pool ?A lot of people might say that swim in the hot summers are quite confortable and cool. No m...
Will the COVID-19 spread by Pools?According to the CDC document of USA; “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be sprea...
What is the ideal Pool Chemical Levels for a Healthy Sparkling Blue Pool?These are the ideal levels for pool chemistry, ...
Why do we need Chlorine for our pools?We use chlorine because it is the most effective agent in the battle against any a...
How to maintain a healthy and blue crystal pool, AQUACLEAR have 4 steps to help you.
Better to use AQUACLEAR Calcium Hypochlorite than bleach to disinfect water,here's the details
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