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Can we swim in a green pool ?

Issuing time:2020-09-28 13:00

Can we swim in a green pool ?

A lot of people might say that swim in the hot summers are quite confortable and cool. No matter a green river or a green pool, it doesn't matter since it feels good to swim.

There is a major difference between pools and lakes or river, one that makes it OK to swim in a green lake or river, but not a green pool. Pools are closed systems, and other than occassional rain water or refill water, they are not continuously diluted. They also do not have a balanced ecosystem, like lakes or ponds with microscopic aquatic life, and plants that actually clean the water of toxins and bacteria. A pool is actually closer to a swamp than it is to a pond.

What shall we do then?

When it is green in pool, it is not natural, it shows that your pool contains bacterias or pathogenic contaminent, we call it Algae. at AQUACLEAR®, our suggestions is Don’t Swim in a green algae pool. At least before it was properly treated.

How to clear the Green Algae?

We have AquaClear® Balancers which will help you to make your pool pH level to 7.2- 7.6 which are a balanced water condition. And we have AquaClear®   Algaecideand    Disinfectantto help you to kill all those green algae along with bacterias and virus , to keep your pool a sparkling, blue and safe water conditions for swimmers. We have detailed usage guidance of our products .

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AquaClear® - Pool Chemical Solutions
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